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"Decapitation of Death" in Jedlińsk


The origins of the rite called the ''Decapitation of Death" were lost In the darkness of the history and the sources quo te various circumstances related to it. Some pe ople say it was brought to Jedlińsk by the Aryans who came here from Krakow In the 16th century. Other sources suggest that the rite is much older and its roots Reach back to the pagan Times. And maybe, the story claiming that the ''Decapitation of Death" is a heritage after the right to Carry out public executions, referred to as the 'privilege of sword' is the closest to the truth? One Hing is certain - ''Decapitation…" has always taken place on the last Tuesday of Carnival, that id the Shrove Tuesday.

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The rite Has a rich visual setting and resembles a theatre performance. The main characters are properly dressed and made - up, and the lines they say have a traditional form, unchanged for decades.

We owe this historical, traditional text to a written rekord made by the local rector in 1839. Thanks to this the spoken traditional version Has survived until now.

Nowadays, the ''Decapitation of Death" is the biggest event In Jedlińsk and the only one of this kind In Poland, al most all inhabitants of Jedlińsk go out into the streets at the time. Though the lines uttered by the Angel, Jew, Hangman, Devil and Bartholomew the Policeman are widely known, they still arouse interest and response from the public.

When, after calls and demands from the crown, Death is sentenced to Heath, the execution is carried out and the ''priest himself" issues the certificate of Heath. And thus, a grand fest begins. All participants of the rite play and feast as much as they can joined by tourists, Since these are the last moments of the Carnival; the Lent is about to begin...


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