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"Together for Radomka"

Mission of the Local Action Group "Together for Radomka" defines a modus operandi (mode of operation) of the local community inhabiting an area, that is a subject to analysis in the local development strategy. It determines also the LAG's role in the process of the development of rural areas. It follows, that LAG "Together for Radomka" has a task to initiate undertakings defined in LDS by motivating all local, social and economic public entities, which thanks to the use of funds offered within the framework of the Leader will contribute to the social and economic development of the area in question, and thereby will reach goals appointed in LDS. Moreover the local action group is also a director (producer) of own plans, aiming at the development of the area, popularizing his advantages, facilitating the cooperation of local partners and implementing innovative solutions.

A development of the region will be an effect of employing many entities according to the principle of the sustainable development; that is taking into consideration the economic, natural and social element in the developmental process.


Considering the huge opportunities offered by the possibility of obtaining EU grants to support projects for rural development The Association intends to cooperate favorable taking active measures to:

  • activation of the population through social capacity building in rural areas, skills acquisition fundraising and management of local resources;
  • improve the quality of life in rural areas through diversification and the creation of non-agricultural sources of income to meet the social needs of rural residents, preservation of cultural heritage and specificity of rural areas, improving the attractiveness of tourism and investment in these areas, increased economic competitiveness, entrepreneurship and the labor market.


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