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Wojciech Walczak

Wojciech Walczak - Council Member, Mayor Commune of Jedlińsk

Do you know that:

  • Jedlińska had the so-called "privilege of sword", that was the riht to perform public execudions
  • crayfish once living in the Radomka river and hunted in Jedlińska were called the "Jedlińsk crayfish"
  • in the 19ty century in jedlińsk prohibition was applicable, whichin evidenced by the folowing entry: "there are five vodka and beer tap-rooms, but there are no drunkards, sinc abstinence intriduced in 1863 put a stop to a drunkenness"(after "Statistical Description of the Village" Providence Bureau of Statistics in Radom)
  • the Society of Jedlińsk Lovers operates in Jedlińsk
  • in Piastów near Jedlińsk there is an airport attached to the Radom Areoclub

The commune of Jedlińsk is located by the rivers Tymianka and Radomka. Attractiveness of the comune is increased by a convenient location by the international route E-77.

Nowdays, Jedlińsk is famous mainly for the historical and traditional show called the "Decapitation of Deth". Since it is a unique, colorfull show in which many inhabitants are involved, many tourists arrive in Jedlińsk on the last day of the carnival to see it. Every year, the exceptional character of the "Decapitation of Deth" attras both local and national media.

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The rich history of Jedlińsk and Vicinity is evidenced by numerous historical buildings, places and records in documents. In Jedlińsk itself, the most valuable monument is the Baroque church of St Peter and St Andrew the Apostoles, erected by Stanisław Witkowski, housing the painting of the "Appointment of the Apostoles" painted in Rome by Tadeusz Kunze Konicz and founded by Andrzej Załuski. Nearby, there is a necropolis with the graves dating even from 1800. And in the nearby Lisowo there is the Church of Visitation of the Virgin Mary dating back to 1881.

The commune of Jedlińsk has not only sacral monuments. the others are e.g. the parkand the mansion of the Sołtyks familly in the village of Piastów. Another park, almost one century older and dating back to the 1sthalf of the 18thcentury, is situated in the village of Jedlanka. The village of Wsola is abundant in the monuments such as: rich in sculped architectonic details the Gombrowicz familly palace built in Art Nuveau style, a park and Neo-Roman Church os St Bartholomew. Any visitor to the commune will have no problem in finding night accomodation. There are two hotels here and a big accomodation base at GOSiR with 120 beds in bungalows.

In the commune of Jedlińsk great importance is attached to protection of natural environment. A biological sewage treatment plan operates here, and in Urbanów an ecological waste dump site complying with EU requirements is located



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