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27.08.2010 r.

Bulletin of the Local Action Group Together for Radomka

biuletyn stowarzyszenia nr5

We invite you to read the fifth issue of the Local Action Group newsletter, "Together for Radomka" which due to be held on September 5th 2010, the Pepper Fair in Przytyk decided to devote biulletin to peppers - which is a local product brand of LAG "Together for Radomka". It is worth remembering - that more than 10 years Przytyk and surrounding municipalities are called pepper basin. From this area come 80% of peppers. The bulletin, in addition to information about the peppers, we also recommend an interview with the mayor of Przytyk - Stefan Błaszczyk, and Tadeusz Laski - horticultural adviser. We wish you pleasant reading.

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26.08.2010 r.

Free training in Radom - Icebreakers stereotypes.


Vocational Training Branch in Radom, invites you to participate in the project "Icebreakers stereotype-activation of the professional and social risk of social exclusion". Trainings are addressed to 136 men and women from the region of Radom, unemployed or economically inactive. The project provides for free training in the field: the employee handling the commercial department of computer software applications; MAG welding, a cook with the organization of occasional events, administrative and office staff with support of computer programs and computer software applications support the creation of Web pages.

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25.08.2010 r.

Free courses for instructors of practical vocational training.


Chamber of Crafts and Small Business in Radom, invites you to participate in the project "I have a profession, I teach a profession" which aims to help in obtaining entitlements instructor apprenticeship in the workplace. The project offered a course in pedagogy for candidates for apprenticeship instructors in the workplace. Project is aimed for people living in the Mazovia Province who are more than 18 years old, which have a title in a given occupation or secondary education or higher, and relevant professional experience (with the exception of self-employed and want to increase their skills).

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24.08.2010 r.

We're inviting you to the Harvest Festival of Radom County!

dożynki w Wolanowie

On Sunday, August 29 in Wolanow Harvest Festival of Radom County will be held . Celebrations will be held at the Stadium Complex in Wolanow High School. The program of scheduled performances of folk rituals show, contests, games and concerts and music groups performance-Pectus, Milano.

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