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09.09.2010 r.

Weekend in Gombrowicz Museum.

pałac Gąbrowicza

Museum of Witold Gombrowicz in Wsola invites after the holiday break for the next cultural and literary events. Next weekend (September 10 and 11) is scheduled two interesting concerts. On Friday, Robert Grudzien will have a concert which occurs in the XXIII International Festival of Organ and Chamber Music Radom-Oronsko. On Saturday, will present a rising star of Polish rock - the band Kumka Olik, who prepared for this concert special acoustic versions of their work. Admission to events is free. Both concerts starts at 6 pm.

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08.09.2010 r.

XII Nationwide Pepper Fair in Przytyk.

On Sunday, September 5 th Przytyk once again became the capital of pepper, which attracted many local residents gathered, the surrounding area as well as visitors from outside the region. Przytyk celebrated with additional events, competitions and the presentation of agricultural equipment. As in previous years, Fair held a competition for the prettiest booth with pepper. We invite you to see the photo gallery.

12 Ogólnopolskie Targi Papryki w Przytyku 12 Ogólnopolskie Targi Papryki w Przytyku 12 Ogólnopolskie Targi Papryki w Przytyku
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07.09.2010 r.

On sunday September 12 were inviting you Harvest Festival in Wieniawa and Zakrzew.


Local Harvest Festival in Zakrzew will be held next Sunday September 12 on the soccer field in Zakrzew Orlik. During the event, scheduled for dedication stone in the Avenue 600 - anniversary of the Battle of Grunwald, artistic performances, contests and the play staged by the historical "Battle of Warsaw 1920 - Miracle on the Vistula" by Reconstructive Group from Radom. Local Harvest festival in Wieniawa will be held at the stadium at High Schools Complex. Celebrations will start at 12.00 in the Church of St.Catherine.

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06.09.2010 r.

Were invite you to the V Parishes Tournament - Jedlinsk on September 12, 2010

turniej stolectw plakat

Municipal Mayor and Municipal Jedlinsk Center for Culture and Physical Culture in Jedlinsk is inviting next Sunday, 12 September 2010 to the fifth Tournament of Parishes that will be held in the Sports and Recreation Centre in Jedlinsk. The tournament is an recreational event, which takes place annually the second Sunday in September. The Tournament of Parishes involved residents from the community of Jedlinsk. The aim of this project is to integrate the local environment, the popularization of recreation among the residents of villages, promotion of mass events, providing leisure and sports competitions as well as local activation of the countryside. Tournament participants are taking part in several competitions, most of which is related to the life and work in rural areas, such as: milking cows, to throw the horseshoe, rolling bales of hay, etc. The tournament is also an excellent opportunity to present to each of the parishes . The various village councils present artistic programs, and stands with traditional food. For the first time you can also take part in workshops all the competition winners receive prizes village councils.

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