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21.09.2010 r.

Photo Contest - Mazovia close to the heart

Mazovia's voivodship self-government invites you to participate in the next edition of the photo contest "Mazowsze close to the heart", which is designed for amateur photographers living or studying in Mazovia. Participants can submit photos in two categories - architecture and landscape, reflecting the spirit, character and charm of Mazovia. Each participant may submit up to three photos in each category. High financial rewards are provided for the winners. Recruitment thy work from September 15th to October 15th. 2010.

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20.09.2010 r.

Training: Rules for innovative and transnational projects

regionalny osrodek efs

Regional Centre of the European Social Fund, established in Radom, invites you to a two-day training "Principles to develop innovative and transnational projects", which will be held on 29-30 September, in Radom on Kosciuszki 1 Street. The training will help the participants to find principles and procedures for the development of innovative projects (search for new solutions in the areas for ESF) and transnational (associating partners, foreign contacts, the creation of the agreements) within the priorities and activities of the Human Capital Operational Programme and to develop skills among the beneficiaries of the regularity of the transnational projects in terms of substantive and financial. TRAINING IS FREE.

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17.09.2010 r.

Visiting LAG Kurpsie Razem

logo kurpsie i radomki

Members of the Association of Local Action Group "Together for Radomka" on September 7-9 2010 participated in a training seminar, which took place in the Local Action Group "Kurpsie Razem". Both Local Action Groups have signed a cooperation agreement which aims to contribute to the implementation of cooperation projects aimed at building civil dialogue on the Polish countryside, activation of local communities, tourism development based on local resources, building partnerships between business and public sector institutions to improving the quality of rural life.

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16.09.2010 r.

Forgotten items, forgotten times. Exhibition at the Oskar Kolberg Museum. in Przysucha.

zapomniane obrazy

We're inviting you to the exhibition titled "Forgotten Items, forgotten times" in Oskar Kolberg Museum in Przysucha. The exhibition is a nostalgic journey to a distant world of our reality, but which did not affect the contemporary Polish culture. The museum shows XIX-XX century everyday life items like glassware, trinkets and trifles. Furnitures: tables, bookcases, dressing filled with elegant ladies attributes, including fans, ballrooms bags, gloves, toiletries and underwear, collar shirts for men, walking sticks,hunting trophies and hobby collections. In an arranged table from the dining room stood a stylized crockery from the beginning of the XX century and the coffee service. The author and the commissioner of the exhibition is Dr. Agnes Zarychta-Wójcicka. Exhibits are from the collection of Jacek Malczewski Museum. in Radom, Radom Village Museum, Oskar Kolberg Museum in Przysucha and private collections. The exhibition will run until December 2010.

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