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04.11.2010 r.

The exhibition of Folk Artists

plakat wystawa twórców ludowych

Association of Local Action Group "Together for Radomka" and the House of Culture in Przysucha are welcome to invite for the exhibition of Folk Artists, which will be held from 8 to 14 November 2010 in the House of Culture in Przysucha on Radomska 9t street.

During the exhibition, will present their work: Danuta and Zbigniew Glik - painting, Zdzislaw and Barbara Bełtowscy - sculpture, Father Martin Czerwonka - painting, Halina Pekala ? wicker-work and artists associated with the Association "Wrzosowisko" from Wrzos.

The exhibition will be accompanied by the show of photographic works produced by children and young people from the communities forming the Local Action Group, "Together for Radomka" who participated in the contest "Beauty Valley Radomka" and a workshops organized by the Association in April and May 2010.

The opening ceremony of the exhibition will be held at 12:00 on Monday 8 November 2010.

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28.10.2010 r.

III Festival of Regional Products.

On 23 October 2010 in the gym of the School of Agriculture and Technology in Zwoleń was held Regional Products Festival organized by the "Heritage and Development", which was attended by representatives of the Local Action Group, "Together for Radomka".

Festival was formally open by President of "Heritage and Development" Zbigniew Buczma who welcome the guests and numerous teams presented the folklore and rural housewives circles involved in the event. Then, in a good mood all the guests were brought by the Choir which operate at the School of Agriculture and Technology in Zwoleń.

The leading subject of this year's event were the wedding customs. Numerous representation of folk groups from the region participated in the competition: "Best wedding song" and "Stand pleasing to the eyes." He will also show "Old Polish custom of removing bride's veil". The most enjoyable moment of the evening was tasting of traditional dishes from the generously filled tables on which everyone could find something for themselves.

III Festiwal Produktów Regionalnych III Festiwal Produktów Regionalnych III Festiwal Produktów Regionalnych
III Festiwal Produktów Regionalnych III Festiwal Produktów Regionalnych III Festiwal Produktów Regionalnych
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Welcome to the IX International Gombrowicz Festival.


On nearest Saturday in the Common Theatre in Radom begin IX International Gombrowicz Festival. During this year's festival artists will present eight performances, which were prepared by theaters from Sweden, Romania, Slovakia, Argentina, and Poland.

The festival will start on Saturday at 17.00 with spectacle "Barefoot revolution" by the theater from Stockholm. This will ba puppet show based on stories by Witold Gombrowicz, directed by Emmy Broström. At 19.00 on the main stage the actors from the Common Theatre in Radom will present a performance "Yvonne, Princess of Burgundy" which is directed by an associated Hungarian director - Szabo, Mate.

The festival were founded in 1993. The idea of the organizers was to create an international, multicultural forum for exchanging ideas, experiences, interpretations, and place the new issue of Gombrowicz, the problem of reading and interpretation of his work.

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06.10.2010 r.

Youth Exchange Program. Total share of LAG "Togheter for Radomka" Seminary Partnership-building activity for international youth Exchange.

Between 20 to 24 September in the Netherlands, represented by Local Action Group "Together for Radomka" participated in the seminary "Partnership-building activity for the International Youth Exchange" for the Youth in Action Program. The purpose of training was to prepare for European action groups to organize international exchanges of children and young people programs from suburban areas. The seminar was attended by 26 people from 16 countries representing organizations seeking partners and wish to cooperate in the exchange of youth. LAG "Together for Radomka" was the sole representative of the Polish.

During the training program participants prepared a preliminary plan for the exchange of children and youth in the summer of 2011. The first partners are Turkey, Romania and Estonia, which will be executed first project. The next countries which will organize exchange are Ireland and Belgium. It is very possible that they also may signed cooperation projects.

Program wymiany młodzieży Program wymiany młodzieży Program wymiany młodzieży
Program wymiany młodzieży Program wymiany młodzieży
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