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Europejski Fundusz Rolny na rzecz Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich: Europa inwestująca w obszary wiejskie".
Operacja mająca na celu wdrażanie Lokalnej Strategii Rozwoju Stowarzyszenia "Razem dla Radomki" w tym realizacji działań Planu Komunikacji współfinansowana jest ze środków Unii Europejskiej w ramach poddziałania 19.4 "Wsparcie na rzecz kosztów bieżących i aktywizacji" - działanie 19 "Wsparcie dla rozwoju lokalnego w ramach inicjatywy LEADER"
Programu Rozwoju Obszarów Wiejskich na lata 2014-2020.
Planowany wynik operacji: osiągnięcie zaplanowanych z Lokalnej Strategii Rozwoju "Razem dla Radomki" na lata 2016-2023 wskaźników w zakresie rozwoju lokalnego kierowanego przez społeczność.

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July 2010 r.

06.07.2010 r.

Training: Improvement of professional skills-range of new opportunities


Training Barnch in Radom invites you to participate in the project "Improvement of professional skills-range of new opportunities"

The project is aimed at 140 men and women who's out of work regardless of the level of education and skills from the area of Radom,Szydlowiec, Przysucha, Zwolen, Kozienice, Lipsko, and Bialobrzegi counties.

The aim of the project is the professional activation of unemployed by raising or retraining their qualifications, and teach them job search techniques.The project offers training in: accounting, professional vendor,employee sales department with the elements of logistic,specialist of the promotion, computer graphics, creating web pages,elements of the cosmetics care like make-up and nails.

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EU funds have been allocated to build school in Bierwce (Jedlinsk community)

herb gminy Jedlli?k

It's our pleasure to announce that on june 25th 2010 Mayor of Jedlinsk community has an agreement with Mazovia Voivodship represented by Marshall Adam Struzik, and a member of the Province Board Piotr Szprenda?owicz about the fincacing investment called ?Equal educational opportunities in rural areas throught the construction of Primary School in Bierwce?. The funds raised for action are from the European Development Fund. School in Bierwce will not be a regular primary school, it?s a integration school ,where children with disabilities can study together with their friends. New clasrooms, computer lab, kindergarten, the whole building is adapted to the needs of disabled people-next year all of this will wait for aproximately 90 students. Currently in Jedlinsk community is about 50 disabled children, and because there is no appropriate facility they have to attend to school troughout the district of Radom.

Construction will start later this year,you will find in it such as computer lab, library, common room, seven clasrooms, a cafeteria, gymnasium-which will be conducted to address the corrective gymnastics.All of the six restrooms will be intendend for people with disabilities. Children will have their own classrooms and sanitary facilities. The total cost of the project is 4 986 434,8 z? while the amount of funding received is 4 238 469,58 z?.

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08.07.2010 r.



The second edition of the EUROZAGRODA competition, for farmers and designers, starts today. The purpose of the competition is to select the best construction projestcs that meet European standards.

The contest is held in four categories-livestock buildings,warehouses, housing and other farm buildings and objects of the environmental protection. Prizes in each category are 10 000 zl. All the farmers and designers who have until september 15th 2010 send the application forms may paticipate in the contest. The competition is organized by Building Farmers Portal. Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, and Institute of Building Mechanization and Electrification of Agriculture holds the honorary patronage.

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09.07.2010 r.

Sports activities for kids and teenagers in Jedlinsk community.

plakat zaj?cia sportowe

Jedlinsk House of Culture is inviting kids and teenagers for a sports and recreational activities.

Classes will be held in Sport and Recreation Center "Orlik 2012" at Warszawska 1 street. Activities that are available: volleyball, basketball, soccer, floorball, badminton, tennis, beach volleyball, recreational racing, and movement games.

Also we offer classes with an instructor. Detailed schedule will be posted on the bulletin board in Sport and Recreation Center.

You're all invited.

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12.07.2010 r.


rody szlacheckie

Radom Scientific Association published a Dariusz Kupisz book "Noble Families of Radom". The author gives us the stories of many noble families, living in the space of a few centuries, which inhabited the earth Radom. It contains many interesting information, you can even find out who is a Master of Knights killer, few people know that it was a knight from Radom. This is not a scientific publication. The writer has focused more on the release profiles of the representatives of the families on the background history of the region. The book is written in an interesting and accessible language, it is addressed to a broad group of history lovers who, after reading it should not be disappointed. Furthermore, it is richly illustrated, some of the photos are by the same writer, which raises its value.

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13.07.2010 r.

Friendly Village Contest

European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: National Rural Network announces contest for the best in terms of infrastructure in rural areas implemented with the support of EU funds.

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14.07.2010 r.

Overview Of EU Rural Areas

Overview Of EU Rural Areas

We would like to offer you a second issue of the Overview Of EU Rural Areas devoted to creativity and innovation in the European Union rural development. In this issue you can find many interesting articles about: innovation in rural areas, activities of the rural population such as the innovative approach in the German region, dialogue ,important partners, research about rural areas.

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15.07.2010 r.

Jedlinsk And The Area Album

album Jedli?sk i okolice

We would like to invite you to read the newly released album, showing the beauty of Jedli?sk and its area.The album is available in the Municipal Public Library, located on Krótka 1 street in Jedlinsk.

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16.07.2010 r.

QUEST Training In Sieciechow


On July 26/27 will be a "Questing - Discover heritage places" training (based on Valley Quest method).

Malgorzata Fedas and Krzysztof Florys from the Environmental Partnership Foundation will conduct the training. Questing is a form of tourism with the puzzles. A tourist gets a map and a description of the quest (with English search) that is written in prose or verse to complete the task. They may be not only tourist attractions but also such a restaurants. At the end the tourist discovers the treasure - usually the box with a stamp, certifying that he solved the quest. Kozienicka newspaper OKO is an organizer of the training. ( tel.: 48 614 22 52.

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17.07.2010 r.

It's Not All About Grunwald In Zakrzew

S?awomir Bia?kowski

In 28th issue of the Radom Weekly we can find two articles about Zakrzew community. The first one titled "It's not all about Grunwald" shows the life of municipality after ceremony of 600th anniversary of Grunwald battle that was full of investments such as the renovation of the Municipal Building Information Centre, Education and Culture and a new kindergarten.

The second article is about new paramedics branch in Zakrzew.

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21.07.2010 r.

Invite For The World Championship In Plane Aerobatic

Mistrzostwa ?wiata w Akrobacji Samolotowej

We would like to invite to the world championship in plane aerobatic(advanced category) on august 5-15 2010 in Sadkow airport in Radom.

This will be the ninth edition of the World Championships and fourth championship of the event organized by the Aeroclub of Radom. Previously Aeroclub host the World Championship in Aerobatic 2006, and two times was host of European Championship. A record number of players will be participating (more than 100 pilots from 26 countries). Most participants came from South Africa (9 pilots), the United States, Germany, Russia, Great Britain, and Poland - 8 pilots.

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22.07.2010 r.

Panorama of Jedlinsk

panorama jedli?ska

We encourage you to read the latest edition of "Panorama Jedli?ska. The 24th issue contains information such as about: investments made in the municipality; picnic in Bierwiecka Wola; project conducted by the LAG "Together for Radomka" in partnership with the Municipality and the Agency of Real Estate Board and Rural Development "Let us be active in-reach for new knowledge" as well as report on the work of the Municipal Council and the news from the Commemoration of 70 - anniversary of the Katyn massacre.

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23.07.2010 r.

Canoeing on the Radomka River.


We're inviting you for canoeing on Radomka, Pilica and Drzewiczka river. Runoff offer is addressed to people who like to actively spend their free time in nature with family and friends. Tours are tailored to the skills of each canoeist. Are also planned so that people with young children on board can arrived safely to their destination.

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26.07.2010 r.

Training: Believe in your abilities

NS Consulting company offers a free training "Believe in your abilities" sent to people registered in the province of Mazovia, with the status of the long-term unemployed.

The project relates to English language training, training in computer and ABC entrepreneurship, social and professional training. The project participants are provided with reimbursement of travel expenses, dinner at training highly qualified coaching, manuals and training materials.

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27.07.2010 r.

Project: Confirmation of professional qualifications - a success in the labor market.

altum bezp?atne szkolenia dla kobiet

Altum - Socio - Economic Programs invited to participate in the project Confirmation of professional qualifications - a success in the labor market, which can join the free provision of training and exams that are preceded by a free preparatory course. Occupations in which training is carried out include: concrete worker - steel fixer, baker, building insulation installer, electromechanics, electrician, carpenter, baker. Project participants may be persons who are aged between 25 and 64 and are living in the former province of Radom.

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28.07.2010 r.

Free training for employers on BHP - health and safety.

ZUS - Department of Social Insurance in Warsaw offers a free training on BHP. Training is open to entrepreneurs from small and medium enterprises and business people registering for the first time. Will be communicated in lectures include the basic information on occupational risks, ergonomics, fire protection, the economic impact of poor working conditions, first aid and will be presented on selected issues of labor law.

Training will be held from July 30th to 31st 2010 and in the second period from August 27th to 28th 2010 by the Department of Social Insurance in Warsaw. More information can be obtained from the Radom branch office by calling 48 38 56 264

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29.07.2010 r.

Free training: Professional Activation of Women from the District of Radom

altum bezp?atne szkolenia dla kobiet

Society Economic and Social Programs ALTUM invites you to participate in the project:" Professional Activation of Women from the district of Radom" The project offers free training and courses for unemployed woman. The project aims to help long-term unemployed woman get new skills and return to work. The project includes training courses in the following areas: assistant receptionist, catering, beautician, nail stylist, accounting support, sales representative, guardian. Training will be implemented in the following areas: English, computer and Internet skills. The integration and professional activation also provided workshops, psychological counseling, career counseling, as well as job placement.

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30.07.2010 r.

Locally - we work responsibly.

Spolita PR

Spolita agency invites you to the next meeting under the project "Radom. Locally, we work responsibly" on 2 August 2010 at 6pm in Laznia Club. The project aims to promote the idea of corporate social responsibility and establish a dialogue between local firms and social organizations. People from the agency will presented the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), stages of implementation strategies and present examples of companies socially involved.

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